NSS Gel Polish

NailSuperStore has it's own gel polish range and ours is a bit different to many others you'll find on the market. Why? Because our formula eliminates the ingredient called HEMA which is known to cause a higher number of allergic reactions compared to similar acrylates. Most colours have a swatch showing the colour - just click on the bottle image for colours 003 and above to see the swatch. Here's how to use it.

  1. Cleanse your nail with NailSuperStore Gel Cleanser and then apply a thin layer of NailSuperStore Base Gel and cure for 30 seconds under LED light or 60 seconds under a UV Light.
  2. Next apply a coat of colour. When using the Neon shades ( 003, 004, 005 or 006 ) we suggest that you first apply a coat of 001 Just white ( don't worry if it doesn't cover completely). When using the Colour Shifting shades ( 007, 008, 009 or 010 ) apply a coat of 002 Just Black first.
  3. Cure each layer of colour for 60 seconds under LED light or 2 minutes under a UV light.
  4. Apply a coat of NailSuperStore Gel TopCoat and cure for 60 seconds under LED or 2 minutes under UV light.
  5. Cleanse the nail with NailSuperStore Gel Cleanse.