About Us

We are an Australian family owned business with over a decade of experience in making nail colour. Our beginnings were in supplying professional nail salons, but in recent years we’ve also been supplying retail outlets and promotional companies and now we are proud to be able to offer our range of products to retail customers.

We believe that nail products should be able to be used and worn for enjoyment and that toxic or poorly formulated nail colour systems need to be avoided. Too often we are seeing examples of situations where artificial nails and some nail colour products are responsible for some allergic reactions that are causing users considerable distress and medical expenses.Whilst there will always be some reactions, even to the best made products, it’s our belief that better formulated and made products will always have the lowest potential to cause problems.

We support Aussie companies whenever possible and in particular the appointed Australian importers of branded products to make sure that when you are purchasing branded products you are getting exactly the article that you are paying for. Supporting us is just one very small step towards stamping out those companies who are deliberately and ruthlessly exploiting the work of others by making inferior copies of the real articles.