Spa Vegan

The Spa Vegan range of gel polishes are UV and LED curable products designed specifically for application to the natural nail. (If you are intending to apply a gel polish over an acrylic or hard gel base we would suggest the 12 Free Gel polish system). Spa Vegan gel polishes do not contain any animal derived ingredients nor are they tested on animals. Importantly the Spa Vegan gel polish range is also free of HEMA which is now being recognised as a leading cause of acrylate induced allergy. To apply the products firstly cleanse the nail with Spa Vegan Nail Cleanser and then apply the Spa Vegan Base Coat and cure for 60 seconds under LED or 2 minutes under UV. Apply a coat of colour and cure in the same way.  Repeat with another colour coat and cure as before and then finally coat with Spa Vegan Top Coat gel , cure and then cleanse the nail with the Spa Vegan Cleanser again. Apply a cuticle oil and your gel polish application is completed. To remove Spa Vegan colours first gently buff the top coat with a nail file and then wrap each finger in a cotton wool ball soaked with  Spa Vegan Acetone  and wrappped with some foil . You may also use Spa Vegan Gentle Tone for a gentler removal. The colour should be ready for removal in 5 to 10 minutes. The colour should come off easily - do NOT scrape at the coating to remove as you may inadvertently damage your natural nail.